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Ivan Yonov
Design and prepress

About me
With 20+ years of experience in Graphic Design, Printing and Web Development, I am the Graphic Designer you are looking for. I am always going the extra mile to make sure my customers are satisfied with the service they receive. And the final product is nothing less than a piece of art that endures the test of time.

I have a deep knowledge in the field of the printing processes and of course in all related with this field software - Adobe, Corel, Quark and Esko. My main activity is connected with preparing designs for packaging - flexo print processes for labels and tubes - colour corrections, manual trapping, etc and offset print processes for boxes width all types of complications – embossing, partial lacquer, hot foil, etc.


Print Layout Design
Labels, Boxes,
Books, Flyers,
Leaflets, etc.

Offset, flexo, digital,
partial lacquer,
CMYK or Pantone

Presentation Design
Prepress & Pre-flighting
Many companies and designer believe an artwork is ready for printing when the design is approved. This couldn't be further from the truth. It needs to be thoroughly and meticulously prepared for the printer, so it can be modified to be produced within the specifications of the printer and still maintain the design integrity, which can be a very difficult balance.

Offering my expertise to experts like you

From the first idea, to design, then print, and finally on the store shelves, you’re covered!
With a complete understanding of the entire process and more than 20 years experience of tens of thousands of products launched successfully you’re in great hands.

Now working 100% remotely or in person when necessary you can count on me to take care of your product or work as an intermediate between your client, printer, or packager.
Streamlining and adapting artworks for successful printing..

Let me introduce few examples of my work


154 B Stamboliysky Blvdr.
Sofia, Bulgaria
+00359 888 66 81 26